Yotta launches asset management platform, Alloy

Alloy launched to take advantage of the global need to manage infrastructure assets

Alloy broadens Yotta’s product capability and international opportunities

7th February 2017 - Oxford Metrics (OMG plc LSE: OMG), the international software company servicing government, life sciences, entertainment and engineering markets, announces Yotta, a provider of cloud-based infrastructure asset management software and services, has launched a new connected asset management platform, Alloy.

The launch of Alloy is a positive step to deliver on the stated strategy for Yotta, to expand the business internationally and to broaden the capability of Yotta’s software in order to solve more problems for customers in more integrated ways.

The new, easy to use asset management platform is an enterprise-level cloud application which will make it simpler for highways and other asset owners to manage vast volumes of data, enabling users to explore and leverage data in real-time and harness the resulting insight to make smarter, better decisions.

Alloy will initially feature two modules, Highways and Street Lighting. Over time, Alloy will evolve to absorb Yotta’s existing Mayrise asset management suite and include both an expanded and enhanced footprint over the existing Mayrise modules. This will include Street Works, Waste Management and Grounds Maintenance, broadening the offering and thus providing a holistic view of all infrastructure assets and data types.

Alloy takes connectivity to another level; through its sophisticated interface it can connect to everything from other software systems, to Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as 3G sensors installed on top of street lights, or traffic count loops embedded in roads. It is this breadth of connectivity that makes Alloy a globally-relevant solution. Estimates indicate there are likely to be over 20 billion connected devices worldwide by 2020. As a result, opportunities for connecting assets to provide real-time data will accelerate, enabling infrastructure owners to gain a constantly updated, real-time view of their assets.

Alloy delivers this real-time view of the network through powerful visualisation techniques to better connect, interact and engage with all stakeholders as well as unifying departments and partner organisations. The intuitive dashboard allows users to see open enquiries against assets, understand how much assets are worth and how much they are spending across their entire asset base. All this functionality is available not only in the office but wherever the job takes the user – mobile and desktop, tablet and phone. Alloy is the future of infrastructure asset management.

The introduction of Alloy enables infrastructure owners to provide better service levels at a lower cost by managing all of their assets in a similar manner and ultimately making smarter decisions. Yotta has already prepared a strong sales push across its core markets of Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Spain and Germany in addition to the UK, and is also aiming to expand beyond these territories.

Commenting on the launch Nick Bolton, Chief Executive Officer, Oxford Metrics said:

“The vision for Alloy was to create an application which enabled the holistic management of all asset classes. Our clients were seeing the opportunity that rapid data growth presents but they were struggling to understand what data is most relevant. Alloy solves this problem for both international and domestic markets by delivering enhanced mapping, visualisation and communication to connect a range of assets and data types, helping organisations to draw more meaningful insight.

This launch demonstrates Yotta’s continued innovation. These new capabilities were being demanded by new and prospective clients and, as a result, this new, highly differentiated software platform has been built for the connected world and appeals to a much broader market.”

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